Personal memoirs

Learn the history through personal stories

Published with the kind permission of the authors

or their families. 

More are added regularly

Richard BITNER-GLINDZICZ - The journey south, after the 'amnesty'

Stefania BORST - 6 years in Kazakhstan with her 2 small children and her maid

Leonard BRZEZINSKI - Served in the Polish Second Corps, then cameto Canada on a 2 yr work contract

Teresa BUREK-OSZURKO - Deported with her family, then settled in Buffalo, New York

CHROCIELEWSKI - describes the Caspain Sea Crossing to Persia, 1942

Andrzej DEBICKI - Siberia to Italy, awarded the Virtuti Militari Cross

Franciszka DOBROWOLSKA - Born in 1906, deported to Siberia, spent time in Africa

Jan FEDOROWICZ - Deported to Siberia as a child, spent 5 years in East Africa

HERZOG Family Chronicles (1866-2000) - Deportation / Katyn / India / Polish Second Corps

Franciszek JAKIELASZEK - Member of Polish Second Corps,  6th Armoured Regiment

Danuta JAROSZEWICZ - Parents deported with 7 children, everyone survived

Mieczyslaw JODELUK - Interned in Switzerland, joined 1st Armoured Division, returned to Poland

JURCZENKO - KLIMCZAK - LUBNIEWSKI - 3 mini memoirs of their wartime experiences

Czeslawa KADELA - Siberia with family, returned to Poland in 1946, then emigrated to Canada

Boleslaw (Bill) KOBYLEC - D-Day pilot remembers the bombing mission

Tadeusz KONOPACKI - Warsaw Uprising, then German POW, then Polish Army

Janina LANG - Siberia with family, then Africa, the UK, and  Canada

Julian LANG - Siberia with family, then Polish 2nd Corps, then UK, and  Canada

Jozef LEDUCHOWICZ - Family of 7 deported, 4 in Africa, 1 in 2nd Corps, 2 in Air Force

Stanislaw  LINDA - Conscripted by German Army, captured by Brits, enlisted in Polish Army 

Witold LUKASZEWSKI - Extract describing life in Kazakhstan

Danuta MACZKA-GRADOSIELSKA - Member of Polish Second Corps, Women's Auxiliary

Andrzej and Zosia MADERA - Served in Polish Second Corps and Polish Air Force in the UK

Wacek MAJ - Family was deported to Siberia, then    3 members served in Polish Second Corps 

Stefania MAJGIER - Family was deported to Siberia, released, sent to Africa, then returned to Poland.

MARCZAK Family Odyssey - Family split between 

2 Polish Armies, Africa, and Russia

Sabina (MARCZEWSKA) ŚWIĄTEK - Family deported to Siberia, then spent years in India before settling in the UK

Czeslawa MONIAK-KRYGIEK - Wartime experiences in Siberia and in India

Casimir & Zofia MORAWSKI - Wartime experiences in Siberia and the Middle East

Hela MOROZ - Deported with her family, spent time in the Middle East and India, then UK

Wladyslaw NIEDOCHODOWICZ - 2nd Lieutenant of Artillery in Polish 1st Armoured Division

Zbigniew PIERSCIANOWSKI - Participant in various Polish units during WW2

Rajmund & Jadwiga PIERZCHAJLO - Her family were deported  to Siberia, she was a slave labourer in Germany.  He was a prisoner at Auschwitz.

Ewa PONIŃSKA-KONOPACKA - Participant in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 

Barbara ROBASZEWSKI - Deported as a child, then Middle East, Africa, UK and USA

Aleksander ROMANKO - Deported ro Siberia with his family, then Polish 2nd Corps, then UK, Canada

Maria ROMANKO - Deported ro Siberia with her family, then Middle East, Africa, UK, Canada

Julian RYBARCZYK - Deported, served in Polish Second Corps, then Scotland

Karol RYBCZYNSKI - Owner of 2 stores, deported to Siberia in July 1940

Zbigniew RYDELEWSKI - Deported as a teenager, then joined the Polish Second Corp

Bronislaw SOKOLOWSKI - Deported to Siberia, fought at Monte Cassino

Eugenia STANKIEWICZ  - Hallerowo Settlement to Siberia, spent time in India, then USA

George STECIUK - Deported to Siberia at age 3, then spent 5 years in East Africa

SZABANOWICZ Family - Muslim Tatars deported to Siberia, spent time in Africa, then UK

SZKLARZ Eugenia - Deported to Siberia with her family, then Middle East, UK, Canada

Stefan SZNUK - Polish Air Force in Poland and the UK, then Canadian dignitary

Urszula SZULAKOWSKA - Life at Melton Mowbray Polish Resettlement Camp in the UK, 1957-1958

Wanda SZWENDER - Deported to Siberia with her family, then Middle East,  India, UK and Canada

Wladyslaw SZWENDER - Deported to Siberia with her family, then 3DSK of Polish 2nd Corps, then work contract in  Canada

Stanislaw TARASZEWICZ - Participant in the epic Battle of Monte Cassino, Virtuti Militari recipient

Karolina UCHMAN - excerpt about Africa from the book "Karolina Remembers"

UNSIGNED  - A child remembers Persia 

Anna USOWICZ - German forced labour, eventually reached Italy, then UK and Canada  

Zbigniew Konrad WILSKI - Deported, served in Polish 2nd Corps, then UK and Canada  

More memoirs are available from the Kresy Family website at the following link:  KRESY FAMILY RECOLLECTIONS