Stanislaw Czaczka - From Russia to Monte Cassino

by Dunstable Town Centre




I was born in Poland in 1924 and deported to Soviet Russia (Kazakhstan) in 1940.

When Russia changed sides after the Germans invaded Russia, I was released with other men and joined the Polish Army, the Polish 2nd Corps, which was being mobilized under General Anders.  I altered my date of birth on my papers, making me 18 years instead of 16, so I could join.

The whole Corps went to Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt and Italy.  I fought in Italy at Monte Cassino.

I came to England in 1946, on a ship from Napoli to Liverpool. After arrival in England, I was sent to camps where the Polish Army were stationed.  On being demobilized, I went to a Polish Resettlement Camp where Polish dependants, families and ex-soldiers were housed before integration into the English communities .  Eventually, I went from Marsworth Camp near Tring to Dunstable.


Note:  This story was submitted to BBC's the People's War site by the Dunstable At War Team, on behalf of the author.



Source: BBC - The People's War