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archival lists

This section includes archival lists of both civilians and military personnel that were part of this history. Many lists are in searchable PDF format, making it easy for visitors to find family members. Some lists may require the use of Polish didactic letters, and some lists are very large files that will take some time to open.

Lists totalling 767,641 names are available to browse.

We invite you to check the lists to find your relatives.  

Explore the lists by selecting a category from the drop-down menu in the

Archival Lists tab at the top of this page.

Please note:

These archival lists are a snapshot in time.  They were compiled in the first half of the previous century, with information that was available at the time.  They may contain errors and/or omissions.  Possible causes include:

  • Incomplete records (much was lost or destroyed during & after the war).

  • Original data collected under the most difficult of circumstances.

  • Difficulties in deciphering handwritten records or poor quality photocopies.

  • Difficulties in translating Polish names from records written in German or Russian.

  • The inconsistent use of Polish diacritical marks, by enemies or Allies. 

  • Polish authorities encountering difficulties when using British typewriters.   

  • The use of pseudonyms by both civilians and soldiers.

  • False information given to authorities by civilians and soldiers, who feared retaliation against their families back home.

  • Incorrectly interpreted verbally information.  

  • Typographical errors.

  • Transcription errors.

  • The ongoing updating of data over the years creating discrepancies between older and newer versions of the same list.

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