ARCHIVAL  LISTS - Polish air force in u.k.


  • Personnel of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain in the Years 1940-1947″ -  16,923 names:   The list is generally referred to as "Krzystek's List".  The Historical Commission of the Polish Air Force Association in Great Britain prepare this list with information from the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) Records Office in Hayes. With the help of Mrs. J. Hawran and the staff of the Polish section of the MoD in Hayes, Anna Krzystek took nearly 4 years to record the more than 17,000 names from handwritten records, often difficult to read.  Anna's father, Tadeusz, brought several printed copies to Warsaw for the World Convention of Polish Airmen, leading to the expansion of the List by adding the place where the airman settled after 1947, as well as the date of death and place of burial.  After retirement, Tadeusz Krzystek devoted all his spare time to updating the List. . He finished his work in 2012. After his death in 2013, updating the List was taken on by Piotr Hodyra of the “Fundacja Historyczna Lotnictwa Polskiego” in Warsaw.  

  • Members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in UK - 1,318 names:    This list is sourced from Krzystek"s List (above).  The list includes the Maiden Name, First Name, Married Name, Date of Birth, Rank, Assignment, Location, and Service Number  of each member of the Women's Auxiliary of the Polish Air Force in the UK.

  • Polish Pilots in the Battle of Britain - 135 names:    This list was sourced fro the History Learning Site in the UK., and includes the rank, initial, and family name of each member of the Polish Air Force in the UK that participated in the Battle of Britain.

  • Air Force War Memorial: in Northolt, England - 1,899 names:    This list includes the names and details from the Polish War Memorial titled “To the Fallen Airmen 1939 – 1945 ″.  The list includes the rank, initial, and family name of each member of the Polish Air Force in the UK.

  • Polish Air Force Graves in the UK - 900 names:    The list includes the Family Name, First Name, initials, rank, date of death, cemetery, and the location of the grave. The list was kindly provided by Dr. Mark Ostrowski.

  • Polish Air Force in UK (1940-1947)_9,233 names:    The list includes the Family Name, First Name(s), date of birth, rank, specialty. The list is part of Mr.Tadeusz Krzystek's larger list, and represents those service members for whom he is looking for further information.  If you have such information, please go to  to provide the information that you have.

  • Polish Air Force in UK_Deceased_2,175 names : This list includes Family Name, First name, Rank, Date of Death, Place of Death / Burial, Country, Cemetery (where available).  The source of this information is the book "Wykaz, Poleglych i Zmarlych Zolnierze Polskich Sil Zbrojnych na Obczyznie w Latach 1939-1946" published by the Sikorski Historical Institute (now known as the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum), London, England, 1952.

More lists will be added, as they become available.