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+ info provided by family

Kazimierz was born in Lisowce, Poland on September 23, 1918.

Kazimierz was called up for his military service and reported for duty on March 21, 1939. He was assigned to the 54th Infantry Regiment in Tarnopol and fought in the September Campaign in Poland.  When the Russians invaded, he was captured, along with many of his fellow soldiers, and they were sent Camp #54 to help with the building of the Kotlas-Pechora transit route.

Released by the ‘amnesty’, he made his way south to Tatichevo, where the Polish army was being formed. He was assigned to an NCO school and transferred with the school to Dzalal’-Abad. There he graduated at the rank of corporal and was assigned to the 2nd Regiment of the Polish 2nd Corps. He hen evacuated to Persia with the army.

He trained in Persia, Iraq, Palestine, and Egypt, before setting sail for Italy. He fought in the Italian Campaign as part of the 4th Wolyn Battalion. He was awarded the Virtuti Militari Cross (Poland’s highest homour) for saving another soldier’s life.

After the war, Kazimierz emigrated to Manitoba on a two-year work contract. When it was concluded, he settled in Winnipeg. Kazimierz was a member of many Polish organizations (the Polish Combatants Association #13, the Credit Union). He was also involved with Sokol Choir, Foster Parents Plan, Meals on Wheels, and Big Brothers. Kazimierz gave a lot of his time and money to numerous charitable and humanitarian organizations.

He worked for the University of Manitoba until his retirement in 1983.

Kazimierz passed away in Winnipeg on March 31, 2008, at the age of 89 years.

Copyright: Smolinski family

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