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Polish 2nd Corps

Czeslaw was born in Poland in 1915 and joined the Polish Army at age 20. He participated in the September Campaign in Poland.  When the campaign ended, he was arrested by the Russians and survived being interned in a Siberian labour camp for 2 years.


Released by the ‘amnesty’ he made his way to the southern USSR where the Polish Army was being formed.  He was evacuated to Persia (Iran) along with the Polish Army.

Czwslaw served in the Polish 2nd Corps under the General Anders'. He was deployed to Iran, Iraq, Palestine and Egypt. As part of the 2nd Polish Corps, he fought in the Italian Campaign, including the battle of Monte Casino.

Czeslaw immigrated to Canada after the war, first settling in Montreal where he met and married Olga. In 1952, they moved to Winnipeg, where he worked for the CP Rail for 25 years.


In 2009 he was honoured to be awarded the Siberian Cross by the Polish Government.


Czeslaw was married to Olga for 57 years.  Their children include: Krystyna, Richard, and Barbara;  grandchildren: Michael, Andrew, Nicole, Antos, and Kasia; and great-grandson: Marek.

Czeslaw Toposzkiewicz passed away, at the age of 101, on September 11, 2016.

Copyright: Toposzkiewicz family

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