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Henryk was born in Mogilew, Poland in 1916. He apprenticed and worked as a carpenter in Wilno, Poland until 1937 when he was conscripted into the Polish Army. In the fall of 1939, he resumed work as a carpenter in Wilno until the city was taken over by the Russians.

Henryk was sent to a Russian Labour Camp in Siberia. Released bu the Sikorski-Majewski agreement in 1941, Henryk journeyed south to find the Polish Army that was being formed in the USSR. He volunteered with the Polish 2nd Corps under General Anders, and served in the Military Police with the rank of Sergeant.


His military campaigns took him through the Middle East including Persia, Iraq, Palestine, and Egypt. He then fought in the Italian Campaign and was engaged in the battle to gain Monte Cassino.

After the war Henryk was discharged in London, England, where he again found work as a carpenter with Messr. W & C French Ltd. While in London he decided to immigrate to Canada and was sponsored by Einar Goodman of East Selkirk in 1949. Henryk worked at Selkirk Lumber for 37 years as a masterful and respected carpenter. In


1959 he married Krystyna Oklinska, and they raised two sons and a daughter. Henryk was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 42 and the Army, Navy and Veterans Unit 151.

Henryk passed away on April 3, 2001, in Selkirk, Manitoba.

Copyright: Warsza Family

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