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Augustyn Kaczmarczyk was born in Ostrava in 1898. He served as a bombardier in WW1 and the 1920 war, He was the son of Jozef Kaczmarczyk from Jasienia near Brzesk and Monika nee Kaźmierczyk from Jasienia.


They lived in the Military Settlement called “Sienkiewicz” near the town of Zachajce Wielkie in Wołyn province


Bronisława (née Zabawa), was the wife of Augustyn. She was born in Lichwin near Tarnów in 1897. Their children were born in Sienkiewicz: Maria in 1924, Bronisław in 1925, Kazimiera-Genowefa in 1928, Teresa in 1930, and Henryk who- died at the age of 10 and is buried in the cemetery in Dederkały.


On 10 February 1940, the family was deported to Siberia. The son, Bronisław, joined Anders' Army when they were released by the ‘amnesty’. He was 17 years old t the time and went on to join the Junaks (cadets) and served in the Middle East and the Italian Campaign.  He wrote a school essay in 1942 in the Middle East about being deported to Siberia. It is archived at Hoover Institute, Stanford University. The essay is located in Folder 122.2 "Szkoła Junaków" (young soldiers’ school) - Wolyn Province.


After the war, he signed up for a two-year work contract and emigrated to Guelph, Ontario in Canada.


He became one of the founding members and a former president of the Polish Veterans’ Association Branch 25 in Guelph, Ontario. He and his wife, Józefa Kaczmarczyk (nee Krawiec) from Jasień near Brzesko, had 3 children: Irene, John and Matthew. For 40 years he was employed by Hammond Manufacturing and was a well-known TV repairman, who made house calls.


Bronisław died in Guelph on 30 March 2007


As part of the operation to save Polish orphans, three daughters (Maria, Casimira, and Teresa) were transported to the orphanage in Oudtshoorn South Africa in September 1943, where they remained. Casinira and Teresa died before 2007.


After years of wandering around the USSR, Bronisława returned to Poland, and later joined her son in Canada.


Augustyn's fate remains unknown since his exile to Siberia in 1940.

Augustyn Kaczmarczyk

Meeting of Sienkiewicz settlers

Sienkiewicz settlers - Augustyn is seated 3rd from left

Sienkiewicz settlers

Settlers with General Januszajtis

Settlers in front of the old school building

Pre-WW2 Polish Army parade in Wolyn

Bronslaw Kaczmzrczyk in thePolish 2nd Corps

Copyright: Kaczmarczyk family

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