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interview by Prof. Patalas

Marian was born to Emelia and Stanislaw on April 5, 1919, in Obuchowicze, Grodno district, Białystok province, in eastern Poland. He did not serve in the army before the war, nor did he take part in the September campaign. He was conscripted into the Red Army,  put into freight cars and sent southeast to Baku in the Caucasus. In a single building in the barracks, there were eighty-six Poles from the province of Białystok.

The Russians eventually let them join the Polish army being formed in the USSR, and Marian was assigned to a communications battalion. With that battalion, he left the Soviet Union for Pahlavi in Persia (now Iran). He trained in Iraq and Palestine before sailing to Italy.

During the assault on Monte Cassino, Marian was assigned to the command troop and often drove the regimental commander, Colonel Fudakowski. Marian went on to participate in ther battles on the Adriatic Coast.


After the war, he spent some time in England before applying for a two-year work contract in Canada, and on May 25, 1947, he arrived in Halifax. He worked on farms in the Winnipeg area, then signed up for a hairstyling course, hoping for a clean and relatively well-paying job. He got it in 1954 and continued in that line of work for two decades. For the last twelve years before retirement, he worked as a cleaner at the University of Manitoba, and that’s where he secured a pension.


Marian passed away in Winnipeg on February 28, 2011, at the age of 91.

Copyright: Lisowski family

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