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Tadeusz Siomkajlo Collection

1st Polish Armoured Division

Tadeusz Casimir Siomkajlo was born on 30 January 1918 in the Pawlikowka settlement near Kalusz, in Stanislawow province. The family eventually moved from Boryslaw to Sielec, near Jezupol.


When the Russians invaded Poland in 1939, Tadeusz and his sister Eugenia escaped Poland in order to avoid being forcibly conscripted into the Russian army. They made their way on foot to Hungary, where they were interned in separate camps. Tadeusz later escaped and, along with a number of fellow Poles, he made his way to France to join the Polish Army that was being reconstituted there.

When France capitulated, Tadeusz made his way to the coast and was evacuated to the UK as part of the Dunkirk evacuation. He then joined the 1st Polish Armoured Division, and trained with them in Scotland. In 1944, the Division crossed to France and joined the fight against the Germans. Tadeusz served with the Division throughout the European Campaign, then served 2 years in Meppen, Germany as part of the occupying forces, before returning to the UK, where he eventually settled.

Tadeusz (3rd from left) in France, wearing a French uniform in 19340.

Polish soldiers & Monument,

France 1940.

1st Polish Armoured Division HQ, Scotland 1944

1st PAD soldiers training in Scotland

Scotland 1944 Tadeusz 2nd on left in back

Scotland 1944 Tadeusz 1st on left

Scotland 1944 Tadeusz on left

Crossing to Normandy, the 1st PAD brings its equipment ashore

Battle at Falaise took a tremendous toll

German POWs

Polish tank towing German tank

Moving on through Belgium

1PAD 2  Holland_Axel Terneuzen



Moerdijk, Holland

Near Dutch-German border

Wilhelmshaven Naval Base, Germany

Presenting colours

The following photos are from Meppen, Germany

Tadeusz and Wiktor Klatka

Tadeusz Siomkajlo

Wiktor Klatka, Tadeusz and friend

Tadeusz in 1946

Tadeusz in 1947

Tadeusz's room

Tadeusz at work

Tadeusz at work

Wiktor Klatka

Tadeusz sweeping

Tadeusz is first on the right

Klatka, a friend and Tadeusz

Tadeusz, centre foreground

Tadeusz with the band

Tadeusz Siomkajlo

Tadeusz Siomkajlo

Wiktor Klatka

Tadeusz Siomkajlo

Wiktor Klatka

Tadeusz and friends

Tadeusz and Micvhal

Tadeusz and friends

Tadeusz and friends

Tadeusz and colleagues

1PAD in Lourdes


1 = Jozef Szypowski,  2 = Tadeusz Siomkajlo


Jozef Szypowski, top row, 3rd to the right of the center flag

Tadeusz Siomkajlo, 3rd row from top, 2nd from the right

Jozef Szypowski, top row,

Tadeusz Siomkajlo, below the flag

Aboard the ship bound for the UK

Tadeusz Siomkajlo identified by an arrow


Pillbox at Codford Camp

Tank washing bays at Codford Camp

Tank washing bays at Codford Camp

Joanna, Tadeusz, and Julia Siomkajlo

Tadeusz and friends

Tadeusz, friend, Mrs. Klatka, Wiktor Klatka

Julia, Joanna, Mrs. & Mr.Klatka

Julia, Joanna, Mrs. & Mr.Klatka

Mrs. Klatka, Julia, Tadeusz, Joanna

Julia, Tadeusz, Joanna

Mr. & Mrs. Klatka, Friend, Tadeusz

Tadeusz, friend, Mr. & Mrs. Klatka

Tadeusz and friends

Tadeusz and friends

Tadeusz and friends in Scotland ?

Tadeusz Siomkajlo married Barbara Lynch

Their daughter, Veronica

Their grand-daughters,

Katherine & Debbie

Medals awarded to Tadeusz Siomkajlo

French: Volunteer

Combatants Cross

Polish:  Army medal

British: 1939-1945


British: France Holland Germany Star

British: War


British: Defence


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