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Julia (Siomkajło) Szypowska

Photos from her time as a Polish WAAF in the UK

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Julia and Joanna Siomkajło served in the Polish Air Force in the UK from 1944 - 1948.  They attended courses at Wilmslo base, and were then stationed at RAF Sealand, RAF Hucknall, RAF Watnall, and then joined the Polish Resettlement Corps.

Women's' Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) course graduation photo taken

at the training center in Wilmslow, England - May 1944.

Julia Siomkajło = middle row, second from left

Joanna Siomkajło = first row, third from left

Anna Rogalska = kneeling, 1st row, 1st on the left

Maria Glentz = middle row, third from right

Signatures on the back of the graduation photo

Transcribed signatures on the back of the graduation photo

Another course graduation photo

Julia (Siomkajło) Szypowska = back row, center

Joanna Siomkajło = first row, first from left

Zofia (Grysiak) Madera = back row, first from left

Stanisława Sobun = back row, second from right

and Eugenia Walewska

Chaplain and Instructors with Polish WAAFs on a recruitment course at Wilmslow, May 1944.

Large group of Polish WAAFs at Wilmslow

Julia Siomkajło

Joanna, Tadeusz and Julia Siomkajło in England. 

Tadeusz served in the 1st Polish Armoured Division.

Joanna Siomkajło 

Back row (L to R):  Joanna, Tdeusz and Julia  Siomkajło  

Names of others are unknown.  Redcar, 22 Maz 1944.









WAAFs helping in the kitchen



Juiia in the center of doorway

Juiia second from right in centre row

Julia and Stasia

Scenes from Wilmslow

Polish WAAFs led by Lt. Helen Paszkowska, at Wilmslow, Nov 1943

Polish WAAFs march past during the visit of General Mateusz Izycki, commander of PAF, Oct. 1945.


Polish WAAF during the visit of General Mateusz Izycki, commander of PAF, Oct. 1945.

Far right: Maria Maculewicz, at  Wilmslow May 1944.

Chaplain of the Polish Air Force, Captain Alojzy Kowalkowski, amid Polish WAAFs on course at Wilmslo, May 1944.

Polish Pilots and WAAFs, London 1945. (Zofia Madera on the far right)

Name unknon

Stasia, 23 Feb 1946

Joanna Siomkajło = 2nd from left, Julia Siomkajło = 4th from left

Julia Siomkajło = behind the bridesmaid on the left

Julia Siomkajło = 1st from left, Joanna Siomkajło = 3rd from left

Julia Siomkajło = back row, behind the groom

Julia Siomkajło = back row, behind the bride

Joanna Siomkajło = sitting in front

Julia Siomkajło = sitting in front

Back in civilian life

Wedding of Kazia Twardowska and Piotr Polacik

Name unknon

Joanna holding the baby, Julia in the center

Name unknon

Joanna Siomkajlo in London,

with friends

Joanna Siomkajło

novitiate in 1949

Julia Siomkajło

in 1949

Polish WAAFs on a ship

Polish WAAFs swearing an oath in England

RAF Sealand, where Julia and Joanna spent 2.5 yars  ((1944-1946)

Hucknall air base where Julia and Joanna spent a year (1946-1947)

Polish WAAF shoulder patches

Nieuw Amsterdam, Holland America Line - the ship that brought Julia and Joanna to

the UK from East Africa.

This PDF file contains messages from fellow WAAFs as well as other passengers and crew



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