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Wladyslaw NAJDUCH

Polish 2nd Corps

Born near Tarnopol, Poland in 1920, he was deported to Siberia in 1940 by the Russians, Wladyslaw spent nearly 2 years in forced labour camps before being freed by the 'amnesty'.  He journeyed south in order to join the Polish army that was being formed in the USSR, and evacuated to Persia with the army.  He served in the Polish 2nd Corps in the Middle East and in the Italian Campaign.  After the war, he emigrated to Canada, thanks to as 2-year labour contract offered by the Canadian government.  Wladyslaw died in Winnipeg in 2003.
Photos courtesy of his son David.
Drawings made in Siberia, 1941-42
Sketch of the labour camp
Wladyslaw self portrait aged 20 years 4 months drawn in gulag
Soldiers in southern USSR in 60 degree heat
Banks of the Tiger River,  Iraq, 1943.
Camel convoy
Kirkuk cemetery
Group with jeep and motorcycles, 19441
Motorcycle in Kirkuk, 1943
Wladyslawin  Rehovot, Palestine, 1943
Paczkowski coming out
of a tent,1943
Visiting the Pyramids
Three soldiers with beer, 1943 II 14
Three generals in desert, 1943
Wladyslaw, 10 VI 1942
Wladyslaw with dog and tent, Iraq 1943 III 2
View of Ancona
Monte Cassino, 1 VII 1946
General Anders
Cassino Cemetery, 1944
Cassino Cemetery, 1944
Hill 593
Monument on Hill 593
Monument on Hill 575
Valley of Death Monument
Skeleton at Cassino
Boat to Capri
Napoli, 28 VII 1946
December 1945
Driving a Jeep
Friend in Napoli
Group in Allessano, 1945
Group in Rome, 22 X 1945
Italian ladies
Leccia Italy, 26 VII 1945
Monument, 4th Armoured Regiment
Napoli, 28 VII 1946
Mount Ollatera, 1946
Professor of Physics & Chemistry
Professor of Math & Geometry
Professor Polish Literature
Senigalia, March 1946
Students at work, May 1946
A. Sloma on motorcycle
Tadeusz ???
Wladyslaw with 2 civilians
Wladyslaw with maps
Ship "Sea Robinson" to the UK, August 1946
Ship "Sea Robinson" to the UK, August 1946
Mass on the Mediteranean
Wladyslaw on a Scottish beach
Taberski with pigeons
View of Kingston Camp
View of Kingston Camp
Camp in Wales
Visiting Maksymilian
Bristol, Avon Canal
Bristol Suspension Bridge
Bristol University
Buckingham Palace, London
Bristol Park
Whitley Camp
Whitley Camp
River at Whitley Camp
Barrack entrance
Lining up for meals
Birthday at Whitley
Whitley on a bike
Whitley Pay Office
Wladyslaw Najduch
WW2 Map Case
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