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Waclaw was born on 8 September 1919 at Bottrop in Germany. At the onset of WW2, he was living in Nœux-les-Mines in France, working in the mines.


He joined the Polish Army being formed in France and was sent to the military camp at Coëtquidan on 18 December 1939.


After the defeat of France, he evacuated to the UK and joined the ranks of the 1st Armoured Division of General Maczek in Scotland. He served in the 11th Sapper Company throughout the European Campaign, from Normandy, to Belgium, to Holland, and finally to Germany.


The sapper companies were integral to the functioning of the armoured division, particularly the construction of bridges across every river along the way.


Waclaw id demobilized at Quakenbruck in Germany in May 1945 and returned to Nœux-les-Mines in France.



Source: Translated from the French text on FB

Copyright: Wiorek family

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