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Waclaw Kuzia

Military Police - Polish 2nd Corps

In 1913, Waclaw was deported to Siberia with his parents and spent 5 years in the Irkuck area.  On returning to Poland, the family settled in the eastern borderlands, where Waclaw attended elementary and high school.  At the outbreak of WW2, he was called up to serve in the military police.  He evacuated to Lithuania with his unit, where he was interned, then later turned over to the Russians, and taken to Kozielsk.   Sentenced to 8 years hard labour, he was sent to a camp north of the White Sea.  On 'amnesty' he made his way to join the Polish Army that was forming in the south, and evacuated to Persia with them.  Once again, he served in the military police - in the Middle East and in the Italian Campaign.   After the war, Waclaw came to Canada on a 2-year work contract, and eventually settled in Winnipeg.


Waclaw Kuzia in Polish Forces in Poland prior to WW2

Waclaw Kuzia in Polish 2nd Corps uniform during WW2

Waclaw Kuzia's military Discharge Certificate from the  Polish 2nd Corps.

Waclaw Kuzia in England

Waclaw Kuzia in Egypt

Waclaw Kuzia's Polish 2nd Corps uniform and boots - on display at Ogniwo Polish Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The following are scans of Waclaw Kuzia's military documents:

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