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Deported as a child, with his parents, brother and sisters
His father Beronislaw and brother Wladyslaw served in the Polish 2nd Corps

Sergeant Major Bronislaw Rzewucki was born in Poland on April 9th 1898.  He serverd in the Polish Army during the First World War, and was consequently granted a parcel of land by the Polish government.  As part of the ethnic cleansing of the Eastern Borderlands of Poland, the Russians deported him and his immediate family to Siberia on February 10th 1940.

In August of 1941, the Polish Government secured the release of all Poles held in Russia in a so-called ‘amnesty’  and the Poles started to form a Polish army in Russia under the command of General Anders.  Bronislaw enlisted in what would later be called the Polish 2nd Corps.  When supplies and assistance from the Russians dried up, the 2nd Corps was evacuated to Persia.  Bronislaw was then transferred to Beirut, Lebanon where he was in charge of training Polish soldiers up to the end of World War 2.  In 1947 he returned to Poland, where he lived to a ripe old age of ninety years..          

Second Lieutenant Wladyslaw Rzewucki was born in Poland on August 20th 1923.  After being deported to Siberia with his parents and siblings, he also enlisted in the Polish 2nd Corps.  After the evacuation to Persia, he was transferred to Iraq and then to Palestine, where he trained as a lorry driver.  He participated in the Italian Campaign at Monte Casino, Ancona and Bologna as part of the 22nd Transport Regiment.


After the war he settled in England where he earned his degree in technical engineering and worked in a machine shop.  In 1948, he sponsored his mother, brother and sisters from East Africa to England.  On March 1st 1952, he and his family arrived in Canada.  He worked in a machine shop in Montreal until his retirement in August 1988.  He was a life-long active member of the Polish Veterans Association  in Montreal.

Marja (the mother, born 1903), Czeslawa (born 1927), Irena (born 1931), and Tadeusz (born 1934) spent the war years at the Polish settlement in Tengeru, East Africa.

x Bronislaw Rzewucki  1920-2..jpg
x Bronislaw Rzewucki  1920-1.jpg

Bronislaw Rzewucki in 1920.  He served in WWI as well as the Polish-Russian war, for which he was awarded land in the Eastern Borderlands of Poland.

Tadeusz's 1936 school trip from Baranowicze to Warsaw, following the death of Pilsudski.

Tadeusz's 1937 train trip to Warsaw for the Poland - England soccer match.


Polish passports for Marja and the children

Bronislaw's training unit in Palestine

Bronislaw in 1942

Seated L to R: Marja, her aunt, and Bronislaw.  Standing L to R: Irena, Czeslawa, a family friend, Marja's sister Bronislawa Artuchiewicz, and Tadeusz in Teheran 1943

Wladyslaw Rzewucki

Wladyslaw's permit to drive heavy military vehicles, 1943

Wladyslaw 1945

Photos from Tengeru, East Africa

Marja, Czeslawa, Irena, Tadeusz

Tadeusz and Jozef Nowak

Irena, Czaslawa and Tadeusz Rzewucki in Tangeru, Afrika 1946

Deed for the land awarded to Bronislaw 

Bronislaw Rzewucki in 1979

Wladyslaw Rzewucki in 2006

Wladyslaw Rzewucki in 2013

Tadeusz and wife Eugenia with Father Krolikowski in 2012

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