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Memories of a Polish Girl, Deported



Emily Haggar (born Mina Szabanowicz) in Tengeru, Africa

Emily's father, Jan Szabanowicz

Helena, Jacob, Maria, Adam, Emily

Emily's mother, Maria Szabanowicz

My father is second from right at the back on a farming course in Iwie, 15–17th June 1939

A travel document for Teheran for my mother Maria, showing her dependants

Emily, a friend, and Kristina in Tengeru, Africa  (Kristina later went to Australia)

Sister Felicia in Tengeru

Ted Polataijko

1st wedding to Abdul Rehman, 8 August 1948 in Nairobi.  Brother Jacob is on the extreme left.

Emily with son John

2nd wedding, to Cliff Haggar, 31 July 1963 in England

Emily's Journey

©  Copyright Tania Szabanowicz

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