Steciuk Family in Massindi, Kenya

George Steciuk was deported to Siberia with his parents (Jozef and Agnieszka Steciuk), his grandmother, and his younger sister.  His sister and grandmother died there. 


He and his parents were evacuated from the USSR to Persia, following the 'amnesty' .  His father joined the Polish 2nd Corps, while he and his mother were sent to the Polish Settlement in Massindi, Kenya where theyt spent 1942-1946, then to Tengeru, Tanzania where they spent 1946-1948. 


His father Jozef served in the 2 Corps Italian Campaign.  After the war, his father signed a farming contract that allowed him to come to Canada.  The family arrived in Manitoba in 1948.

George (aka Jerzy Jurek) and his mother Agnieszka in Massindi, 1943

Jozef Steciuk served in the Polish 2nd Corps in the Middle East and in the Italian Campaign.

Jozef had two photos combined into one, and carried this with him through the war years.

George at the Polish Settlement in Massindi

George and his cousin in Massindi, Kenya

George at the far right 1st Communion in Tengeru, 1945

Agnieszka Sreciuk in 1948, on her way to Manitoba, Canada

George Sreciuk in 1948, on his way to Manitoba, Canada

George receives the Siberian Exile Cross from the Polish Government, Dec. 2019

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