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Some family members spent the war years in a camp in India, while others served in the  Polish 2nd Corps

Felix (b 1933) & Roger (b 1935) Scazighino were deported to Siberia with their mother, Janina nee Halban (b 1901, d 1994 in Montreal),  Their father, Witold (b 1889, d 1965 in Montreal) was a reservist who evacuated to Romania, then France, and eventually to London, where he worked for Polish Radio.  

Other family members deported with them were: Their grandmother Stanislawa nee Konarnicka (b 1885, d 1961 in the UK), grandfather Felix Scazighino (b 1866, d 1945 in Beirut), and their nanny, Genia.

Their aunt Wanda Rudnicka stayed behind and joined the Home Army, while her husband General Klemens Rudnicki was captured by the Russians while trying to evacuate to Rumania, was imprisoned and subsequently released on 'amnesty' whereupon he joined the Polish 2nd Corps and participated in the Italian campaign.

Another uncle, Jan Scazighino, was a Consul in New York when war broke out.  He went to Canada to enlist, eventually serving the the Polish 2nd Corps.  He was killed at Monte Cassino.

Felix & Roger spent the war years at Balachadi Camp in India, while their mother worked for the Red Cross in Teheran, Persia.  Their grandparents spent those years in Beirut, Lebanon.  The family were reunited in London after the war.

1933 wedding of Janina Halban and Witold Scazighino
Witold Scazighino
Janina Scazighino
1936 Janina with Roger 
1936 Janina with her sons and their cousins
Feliks & Roger on the horse with their father, grandfather, and a cousin
Janina and her sons before the war
Polish children in Balachadi, India
Polish children in Balachadi, India, with Maharaja Digvijaysinhji 
Polish children in Balachadi, India
Janina and her sons in Teheran in 1944
Janina's Red Cross ID Teheran
Witold, as Director of Lwow Radio before the war
Their unci 
of 5DP of the 
Polish 2nd
Corps in Italy
Felix and Roger in Montreal in  2012

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