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Polish 2nd Corps

01 School Report from 1938

School report from 1938

02 Siedlce 1935 I stand onthe left of my

Pre-war family photo in Siedlce 1935 - IRomuald is standing to the left of his father

04 zaleszczyki - 1937 I as girl with Wla

In Zaleszczyki, 1937 - Romuald is dressed as a girl, with his brother Wladek

03 sowiniec My Mom older brother Tadeusz

In Sowiniec - Romuald with his Mom,and older brother Tadeusz

05 Banya

Drawing of what a Russian 'banya' (bath house) looked like in Siberia

06 Barracks

Drawing of what the barracks looked like in Siberia

07 R. Lipinski as a recruit 1943

Romuald as a recruit, in the Middle East in 1943

08 Soldiers with Wojtek the Bear

Soldiers with Wojtek, the Soldier Bear

The Big Bowl at Monte Cassino, with members of the 12th Podolski. Romuald is identified with the arrow.

09 the 12 Podolski -On way to Italy 1943

12th Podolski regiment, on the way to Italy

11 Members of 12 Podolski Motor Platoon.

Members of the 12th Podolski Regiment - Motor Platoon.

12 Monte Cassino Monastery ruins 1944

The ruins of the Monastery at Monte Cassino

13 Romuald Lipinski 1944

Romuald Lipinski in Italy, 1944

14 Beirut 1946 with parents

Romuald, with his parents, in Beirut Lebanon, in 1946

15 Beirut Lebannon1947

Beirut, Lebanon, 1947

16 Beirut with friends 1947

Romuald in Beirut with friends, 1947

17 French University Lebannon

Certificate from the French University in Beirut, Lebanon

18 Wedding

Romuald's wedding

19 Eva Romek Iza Adam 1961 Grad MSCE

Eva, Romuald, Iza, and Adam - at his MSCE graduation in 1961

20 With Wife Iza in  NJ 1963

Romuald, with his wife Iza ,in NJ,1963

21 IZA Newark NJ 1966

Iza, in Newark, NJ, 1966

22 Promotion to Major

Romuald's promotion to Major. He has since been awarded the rank of Colonel.

23 Arlingto Cemerery1

Romuald as standard bearer at Arlington Cemetery

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