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Related Theses and Papers

Labor for Bread

The Exploitation of Polish Labor in the Soviet Union during World War Two

Terror, Trauma, Totalitarianism

Stalin and Poland's Eastern Borderlands

The Katyn Massacre

An Assessment of its Significance as a Public and Historical Issue in the United States and Great Britain, 1940-1993

General Sikorski, Poland and the Soviet Union, 1939-1943

Down the Home Stretch at Santa Anita

The week the race track became a camp for Polish Refugee Children October 1943

World War Two

The deportation of Polish refugees to Abercorn camp in northern Rhodesia

A Selection of Essays

War and Memory in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Diaspora, Identity and the Canadian Media

The Case of the Second Polish Corps in World War Two and the Re-settlement of its Veterans in Alberta

Dealing with the Polish Problem

The Political Reaction to the Resettlement of the Post-War Polish Refugees in Great Britain

I Don't Want To Go Back

The complicated case of Polish displaced children to Canada in 1949

Cultural Retention

Cultural retention among Polish women who came to Canada between 1945 and 1960 as Displaced Persons or Immigrants

The Power of Polonia

Post WWII Polish Immigrants to Canada: Survivors of Deportation and Exile in Soviet Labout Camps

Migrant Memories, Migrant Lives

Polish National Identify in Leicester since 1945

War, Resettlement, Rooting and Ageing

An oral history study of Polish émigrés in Great Britain

War Experiences

The emotional health and well-being of elderly Polish migrants,

Histories, Stories and Memories

Narrating Polish pasts in Britain

Polish Culture during WWII

This paper examines the repressions levelled against Polish culture and the cultural resistance utilized by the Poles to protect their culture.

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