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Regina (Rozwadowska) GASZTOLD

Koja, Uganda, Africa

Witold Rozwadowski was deported with his wife, Melania, and children: Witold, Janina, Maria, and Regina. Released on 'amnesty', the family made their way south to join the Polish Army being formed in the USSR, and were then evacuated to Persia via Krasnowodsk. They spent some time in civilian camps in Pahlevi and TeheranPersia (Iran), before being sent to the Polish Settlement at Koja, Uganda in Africa where they stayed until September 1947.  They then spent some time in the UK before emigrating to Canada.

Their son Witold joined the Polish 2nd Corps (3DSK) as private in the 13 Supply Company.  He served in the Middle East and the Italian Campaign.


 Another son, Michal, was shot and killed  trying to escape arrest by the Russians in 1939.

Melania (nee Roginska) Rozwadowska, Witold Rozwadowski, and their son Witold
Melania (nee Roginska) Rozwadowska, Witold Rozwadowski, their son Witold, and daughter Janina (before WW2)
Regina's sister Maria
Regina's sister Janina
Melania in 1941
Regina Rozwadowska's First Communion
Mieczyslaw Cytera & his mother, Koja, Africa 1947
Regina's parents Melania & Witold, Koja, Africa 1947
Reginaand her 2nd High classmates, Koja, Africa 1947
Regina (2nd left) and Jan Gasztold's  sister (1st left), Koja c 1943
A Boa Constrictor is killed, Koja,
Africa c 1943
Regina's Highschool class, Koja,
Africa c 1943
Group in Koja, Uganda, Africa c 1948
Scouting in Koja, Uganda, Africa c 1943
Italy, probably Casino, 1945
Regina's brother Witold, Italy 1946
Witold, 9 Nov 1953
Witold (at bottom 1st left) in  Italy, 1945
Melton Marbray, 27 VIII 1949
Regina (1st left)  Blockley, England
Brother Witold, bottom row (2nd from the left) at Montreal's Dom Polski
Regina (Bottom row, 4th from left) in nursing graduation class, Brockville, Ontario 1954
Nursing graduation class, Brockville, Ontario 1954
Regina\s sister Janina
Canadian citizenship ceremony c 1955
Regina's marries Jan Gasztold, 8 June 1957 - Jan parents bottom left, Maria Bogarowicz top, 1st right Prof Polonis and his wife.
Regina, Maria at their parents' grave, with Alexander Fiedorowicz, Ottawa 1959

Regina, Jan, and Jan's parents at Niagara Falls

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