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Karolina Uchman Sadek

Selected photos from "Karolina Remembers" book

The Uchman Family Just Prior to thei

The Uchman Family Just Prior to their Return to Poland circa 1923. From Left: Stefan, Wanda, Feliks, Jozef, Aniela, Helena. Karolina stands between her parents with Baby Tadzio in the front.

02 Nursery school 1940-41

Vetlani Labor Camp, Ural Mountains, Soviet Union, 1940-41 Children’s Nursery Including Some Family Members Encircled in White: Wera Zelazko above and daughter Maryla below. Encircled in Black: Wera Zelazko’s younger daughter Irena.

03 School at Labput camp 1940-41

School at Vetlani Labor Camp, 1940-1941 Maryla Zelazko is highlighted at far left.

04 Pahlavi 1942

Pahlavi, Iran 1942 Karolina, far right, has a chance meeting on the shores of the Caspian Sea with the Smialowski sisters, Julka, left, and Wiktoria whose hair is just growing in after a bout with typhus.

05 Peanut planters c1943

Peanut Planters in Masindi, Uganda, circa 1943 Papaya trees make up the backdrop. Karolina is standing second from the left.

06 Masindi c1944

Masindi, Uganda, circa 1944 A Polish teacher is standing at far right with several pupils. Aniela is holding the teacher’s baby, Jadzia, whom she baby-sat. The teacher’s son, Leszek, is in front holding the cat. Karolina is standing at the far left.

07 Three friends

Three Friends at the Masindi Camp Karolina, left, an older friend, and Jania who died in Masindi

08 Men from Dybawka

Wladek Kulka, Julek Wiecek, Antoni Zelazko After amnesty was declared, the Polish men who found their way to the Polish Army served until the war ended, while their families were still refugees. Most later settled in Great Britain where their loved ones eventually joined them. These three friends from Dybawka were reunited in England after their tour of duty in 1945.

09 Crocodile

Crocodile on Lake Victoria, Koia, Uganda: circa 1948 Mr. Tuczynski in hat, his daughter Hania, center, and next to her, Karolina

10 Shots 1

Inoculation Records: Masindi, Uganda, 1946 – 1948

11 Shots 2

Inoculation Records: Masindi, Uganda, 1946 – 1948

12 Shots 3

Inoculation Records: Masindi, Uganda, 1946 – 1948

13 US Passport 1

Karolina’s American Passport Nairobi, Kenya, Africa November 1, 1948

14 US Passport 2

Karolina’s American Passport Nairobi, Kenya, Africa November 1, 1948

15 Wedding

Detroit, Michigan June 28, 1952 Wedding of Karolina Uchman and Joseph Sadek At left Frank and Rose Gawlinski, at right Karolina’s brother Stefan Uchman and flower girl F. Gerry Szymanski (Cierpilowski)

16 Spring 2004

Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, Spring 2004 Karolina and Mary Jane Bukowski The eldest and the youngest members of our family


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