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Michal Szypowski Collection

Photos of Michal and his older brother Jozef  (Part 2)

1st Polish Armoured Division

Occupying Force in Meppen, Germany

" Vehicle Salvage Depot #2 "

Michal and Jozef Szypowski

Michal on guard duty

Tropiel ?

Michal 2nd from right

Jozef 4th from right, Michal 3rd from right

Jozef 3rd from right, Michal 2nd from right

Michal with a bandaged head after another surgery to remove more shrapnel from his scull.

Bronislaw and Michal

Friend from Polish 2nd Corps

1 = Michal,  2 = Jozef,  3 = ?

Mietek,  22 XI 1945

Jozef's Photos
Jozef on the far right
Jozef on the left
Jozef behind the dog
Jozef in the center
Jozef on the left
Jozef and Michal with one whose name is not known
Michal on the far left, Jozef on the far right
Bombed-out city of BREMEN
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