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(Maria's story was originally published on the Canadian Polish Historical Society of Edmonton, Alberta website

and is repeated here with their permission. 




Teheran, 1942.  The inhabitants of one of the tents, including the Zareba family.  From left to right:  Sisters Janine and Eva, mother, and Maria (3rd from right)

Teheran, 1943.  Group of students from the Junior High School. 

Maria is sitting in the first row (first from the right)

High School students in Palestine, 1945.  Maria is first from left.


Group of Polish Studies students, with their professors, in Beirut, Lebanon.  Maria is first from right.


5 May 1950 - Maria and Anthony Andrzejewski on an Edmonton street.

11 February 1950 - Mr. & Mrs. Andrzejewski going to the cinema after the wedding ceremony - Edmonton Alberta.

1965 - the Andrzejewski children.

From the left: Jaga, Anthony and Barbara.


1975 - Celebration of 25th Anniversary of marriage, Holy Rosary Church - Edmonton Alberta.

Mrs. Maria Andrzejewska's class at the Henryk Sienkiewicz Polish Saturday School in Edmonton, Alberta.

Mrs. Maria Andrzejewska's with her grandchildren.

From left to right:  Adam, Peter, Jennifer, and Lucas.



Copyright: Canadian Polish Historical Society of Edmonton, Alberta

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