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Ludwik Pisarski Photos

Ludwik's mother

Wedding photograph of Maria Metz and Karol Edward Pisarski, 1910

Maria, Henryk (standing), Ludwik (standing on a stoo), and grandma

Ludwik, Maria and Henryk in Lwów, 1927

Ludwik with his mother Maria in Lwów in the1930’s

Certificate - qualified as a hairdresser in 1934

Ludwik’s sports club membership card dated 1935



Ludwik in dress uniform  in the 7th Cavalry Regiment

Drawings made by a Polish prisoner (Mr Kurweil) when in Siberia, 1940

Polish deportees to Siberia, 1941.

Polish lumberjacks in Siberia, 1940

Document dated 15 December 1941, in Russian & Polish, “proved” that Ludwik was in the Polish army, 7th Cavalry Battalion;

Soldier’s Service & Pay Book 2 June 1942

Photographs of Ludwik taken in Cairo.

At the seaside in Palestine

Ludwik in Egypt (right of the camel) and Alec Waisek (front towards middle)

Ludwik in front of a M4 Sherman tank.

Ludwik with comrades

Ludwik with comrades

Ludwik with comrades

Colleagues in my father’s tank “Zbir”

Ludwik with friends outside the Hotel Bellevue, Cadenabbia,

Ludwik in uniform

Earliest photograph of Ludwik and Lucia together, taken in Como, Dec 1945

Oon the shore of Lago di Como - 16 April 1946

Engagement at Villa Carlotta, Tremezzo, Lago di Como, April 1946

Wedding at San Lorenzo, Tremezzo on 19 June 1946

Medals awarded

Insignia of 1Pulk Ulanow Krechowiekich

The Armoured  Tank Arm insignia

Attestation of service

A note written by Lucia on a leaf on 17 July 1946


Photo of Maria Pisarska taken in Krakow in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s.

 Maria Pisarska’s grave in Krakow

In Tremezzo, Lago di Como, Italy

Copyright: Pisarski family

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