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Parish choir with Bronek aged 20 pictured in the front row, extreme right hand side. The photograph was taken around 1934.
Our church in Prozoroki.
Harvest festival celebration in the mid 1930’s. Father and Marysia towards left hand side, Mother, Leon, Frania and Józef towards the right side.
Bronek while serving in the Polish Army in 1938
Railway station at Żiabki, our departure point to Siberia
Bronek in Egypt around 1943
Kidugala Loliondo Hospital (in East Africa) housed around forty patient beds. The patients were from local settlements, as well as from the army, and most suffered from tuberculosis. Effective care was provided by Doctor Mogilnicki.
Patients in Loliondo Hospital for those suffering from tuberculosis. Maria Leduchowicz kneeling next to a child patient. Her sister Frania far right.
First Holy Communion of sick boys at Loliondo Hospital together with Father Krolikowski. Boys names – Franuś Wojewoda, Wieśio Konieczny
Natives had killed a zebra and the photograph shows Maria Leduchowicz sitting on the animal with her sister Frania alongside.
Father Winczowski from Tengeru used to come to officiate mass for the patients and staff at Lolinodo Hospital every Sunday.
Church in Kidugala with Father Macieszki and young people of the settlement
Some of the staff at Kidugala Hospital with Maria Leduchowicz second from the right. Other nurses pictured include – Sister Tomaszewska, H. Drozycka, S.Mucha, J.Kuncewicz.
Tengeru was the largest settlement in East Africa and was located approximately eighteen miles from Kidugala. The family spent the last months in Africa here.
Location of Polish settlements in Africa during WW2
Carnarvon Castle ship which transported my family from Africa to Southampton, UK, on the 28th June 1948
Top left to right: Frania, Bronek, Mother Maria, Father Hipolit, and Marysia. 
Kneeling: Leon and Józef
Leon, Bronek and Józef in 1948
Leon, Mother and Józef in 1948
Leon and Józef at RAF Halton
RAF Halton Mess Hall
Lord Trenchard at RAF Halton passing out parade on 30th July 1947
Leon and Józef’s return visit to RAF Halton

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