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Leon was born in Poland in 1916. He had to endure many hardships and difficult times throughout his life, yet he managed to overcome them all. He was a gifted musician and taught himself to read and write.

In 1939, Leon was mobilized in the defence of Poland to the growing threat of German invasion. He served in the Polish Army and fought in the September Campaign in Poland. He was captured by the Germans and sent to a prisoner of war camp in Germany.


It was in Germany that he met and married Adela with whom he shared three children (Mary, Elizabeth and John) and cherished their 55 years of marriage.

After the war, Adela and Leon left Germany and travelled to South America where they lived for the next few years. From there, they found their way into Canada in hopes of a better life. Leon found work wherever he could in order to support his family and ensured they never lacked for anything. He was hired as a machinist helper at Canadian Pacific Rail, Weston Shops, and worked there for 26 years until his retirement.

Leon was an active member of the Royal Canadian Polish Legion, Branch 246, and took great pride in participating in the colour guard. Leon was a generous man, offering his knowledge and wisdom and instilled values to his family, which we carry with us to this day.

Leon was also a fabulous storyteller, relating tales of the hardships endured in Poland and his experiences during the Second World War.

Leon passed away in Winnipeg on 4 March 2001, ay the ge of 85 years. He was buried at the Holy Ghost Cemetery in Winnipeg.


Copyright: Hofman family

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