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Leokadia (Muchowska) OPIOLA

Deported with her parents, Jozef and Jozefa (nee Galinska), and her sister Maria, to Wołogodzka oblast, then Nowosybirska oblast.  Her brother Roman escaped and stayed behind in Poland.  After release, they spent time in the Middle East, and then in Valivade, India.  They eventually settled in Canada.

Mother: Jozefa (Galinska) Muchowska
Father: Jozef Muchowski
Leokadia, her grandfather, her brother  Roman - in front of their house at Osada Poniatowska.
Leokadia's 1st Communion
Sister: Maria
Brother: Roman
Osada Poniatowska
Osada_Polish School
Osada Poniatowka Village School
School in USSR
School in USSR
Girl Guides in Ahvaz, Persia (Iran)
Wedding in  Slough, England
23 July 1949

Jan (family name unknown)

Leokadia in 2010

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