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From the Kresy to Siberia to the Polish 2nd Corps to Masindi, Africa

Stanisław Kwiatkowski
in pre-WW2 uniform
Leontyna (Bronowicka) Kwiatkowska
Leontyna with youngest child, Zbigniew, 1936
1938 Identity documents from Poland
1938, Stanisław and members of the parish, replanting the local woods
Wedding of Czesława Kwiatkowska, Stanisław's sister, with other family membersd
Possibly the church in Kazimierka
Wedding of Jan Bronowicki, Leontyna's older brother
A relative and his wife
Stanisław in the Polish 2nd Corps
Stanisław in Iraq, 1942
 Stanisław and Leontyna with oldest child Jadwiga at Dorowatka, Kostroma Oblast, USSR, winter 1940-1941. 
Company HQ in Iraq, 1942
Company HQ in Iraq, 1942
Stanisław in Lebanon
Visit to a monastery in Lebanon
3DSK football team, Lebanon
Stanisław Kot awarded WIRTUTI MILITARI cross at Monte Cassino
Stanislaw, Zbigniew,
Tadeusz  UK 1948
Jadwiga’s wedding to Wladyslaw Bubez - U.K
Stanislaw, UK 1962
Tadeusz, wife Pamela, Jadwiga
Waclaw Kwiatkowski,  Wladyslaw Bubez, with son Jozef
Mass held in Masindi, Africa
to commemorate the death of General Sikorski
Staff of the Spinning/Weaving workshop - Leontyna 1st on the right
Staff of the Spinning/Weaving workshop - Leontyna sitting 3rd from the right
First Communion
School No. 2 class - Zbigniew Kwiatkowski, front row, 1st from right
Easter or Corpus Christi procession
Jadwiga Kwiatkowska, 1st from right
1st Class of the Liceum, Jadwiga Kwiatkowska, 1st from right
 Jadwiga and Czeslawa Janewicz at the Kwiatkowski home at "Obóz No. 5"
L to R: Tadeusz, Leontyna, Jadwiga,  and Zbigniew
Czeslawa Janewicz with Tadeusz and Jadwiga Kwiatkowski
Leontyna, 3rd from left in back, with the neighbours 
Tadeusz Kwiatkowski's Scout book
L to R: Marta Drączkowska, Leontyna, Elżbieta Drączkowska, Jadwiga, Zbigniew, Danuta Marzec, 
Leontyna and Zbigniew, back from the hospital
More neighbours
L to R: Władyslaw and Maria Braczkowska, Nowak family

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