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Digglerfold School in Africa

Irene (far right) in Persia, 1942

Mary and Irene, Persia 1942

Digglefold School, Zimbabwe

Sodalis Marianus Club

Girl Guides at the school entrance

Gardening chores

Gymnastics Show

Gatooma, Africa

Jozef in WW1

Jozef in 2nd Corps

Witold Krzyskow

Zenon Krzyskow

Irene's father Jozef in Palestine

Jozef in Rome

Irene at age 20

Mitchell at age 21

Irene's sister Mary

Irene and Mitchell in 2010

Josephine (Jozef's sister), son John, daughter Helen, and husband Peter - they sponsored Irene, Mary and Jozef to Canada in 1948

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