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Sylwester KRZANIAK
Danuta (Flisek) KRZANIAK

Sylwester was 10 years old when he was deported with his parents.  His father later joined the Polish 2nd Corps, while he and his mother spent the rest of the war in Massindi, East Africa.

Danuta's father was a POW at Twer, where he was executed by the Russians as part of the KATYN massacres.  She was deported with her mother and later ended up in Ifunda and Kidugala camps in East Africa.

Danuta's mother, Cecylia Flisek
Danuta's father, Jozef Flisek
Jozef Flisek, listed in the book on KATYN
Letter from Memorial Society in Moscow
Jozef Flisek birth certificate
Jozef Flisek Polish citizenship
Pass to evacuate to Iran for Sylwester's mother, Helena 
Sylwester's temporary passport for travel to East Africa
Helena Krzaniak.s Massindi papers
Jan Krzaniak.s Military document
Danuta and Sylwester Krzaniak

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