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KRUPINSKI Drawings of Kresy and Siberia

Courtesy of Irena Kus

Military maneuvers in Krupiec in 1935
Military maneuvers in Staryki in 1937
Lancers stop for tea at our home in Staryki
Harvest at Franek's estate in Staryki
Scouting camp in the woods near Brody
Religious observance in May on the military settlement
Departure of the rapid train to Dubno
Heading to midnight mass in Radzillow
German planes attack the rail line
Shooting at German planes
Lancers stop at a military settler's, 1939
17 Sept. 1939, Russian soldiers invade the Eastern Borderlamds
10 Feb 1940, deportation of military settler families
Train full of military settles snowbound on the way to Siberia
Building an asphalt road from Dubno to Radzillow, Sept 1939
A white eagle representing freedom
Escaping a bear in Siberia
Wolves approach the barracks in Siberia
Children gather mushrooms and berries in Siberia
An accident while felling a tree
Germans invade Wolyn in June 1941
Church in Ptycza burns down, 1941
Polish homes burned down by Ukrainians
Funeral of the School Headmaster, his wife and his daughters
The Germans mine the tracks and blow up the Dubno train station
Cold winter night in Dubna, 1944
Battle for Kolobrzeg
Russian NKWD searches the woods around Stanislawka, winter 1945
Polish soldiers lead a group of Ukrainian POWs
Polish soldiers being transported to the Front, June 1944
Last Christmas Eve at home in Werbie, 1944
Krupinski Family: Marian, Jozef & wife Ludmila, and grandmother Helena
Feliks Krupinski partook in the 1920 war with the Russians and was awarded the Virtuti Militari medal.
The Author of the drawings with his wife Danuta, and son Krzysztof

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