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Krawczyk Family

 Lusaka, Rhodesia

Jozefa Korenicka, Lusaka 18 VI 1947, returned to Poland

A friend of Genowefa Krawczyk

A friend of Genowefa Krawczyk

Jozefa Kedzior, 05 III 1947

Stacha, a friend of Genowefa Krawczyk

Victoria Falls

Various friends of Genowefa Krawczyk, 1948

Polish boys at local railway station

Unknown family near one of the huts.

Genowefa Krawczyk on the right sitting with a friend, and Daniel Krawczyk standing behind them.

The Polish Church in Lusaka

Church procession. Daniel Krawczyk is second alter boy at the back at the front

Wystepek family with 2 girls from the Kasa family,  23 IX 1945

Genowefa and Daniel Krawczyk setting off to England, 1948

Locals waiting for a train

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