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Kazimierz was sent to Koja, then Masindi, with his mother and sister.  His father joined the Polish 2nd Corps, and his brother joined the 1st Independant Parachute Brigade

Jan' brother Franciszek and Jan
Kazimierz with his parents
Father Jan, mother Zofia (nee Dzidkowska), brother Tadeusz, sister Leokadia
Kazimierz, brother Tadeusz, sister Leokadia
Karlowska Grandmother and Aunt
These people spent 1.5 years in one tent in Teheran
Jan in Egypt, October 1945
Tadeusz 1st Independent 
Parachute Brigade
Kazimierz in Koja, Uganda
Leokadia in Koja, Uganda
Kazimierz in Koja, Uganda
Sports in Koja, Uganda
Scouting in Koja, Uganda
Masindi, 1946 - 1948
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