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Photos from his story "The Red Poppies of Monte Cassino" as told by Karol Jastrzebski’s daughter, Bogumila Jarosz and written by his grand-daughter, Izabela Spero 

Karol in WW2 uniform
Russian Identity Card issued to Karol Jastrzebski in Jalal – Abad in 1942

Karol Jastrzebski (on the right) with his friend, wearing British uniforms.

British Army Identity Card

Photo from the camp in Iraq

Gen. Sikorski inspecting Polish troops in Kirkut, Iraq

In Kirkut, Iraq

In Kirkut, Iraq

Souvenir from Palestine – Karol’s Jastrzebski photo on “Fifty Palestine Pounds”

Photo from Palestine

Photo from Palestine

Karol Jastrzebski Polish Identity Card stating his rank and performed duties as a leader of a medical team

Karol Jastrzebsksi  Medal “Cross of Monte Cassino”

In Italy

Karol Jastrzebski (on the left) with his friend in Italy

Italian wedding

Karol Jastrzebski with his friend at the wedding

Photos of Karol Jastrzebski “waiting in England”

Karol Jastrzebski with his wife Genowefa

He was awarded the following medals:1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Defence Medal and

War Medal 1939-45 also Polish War Medal and Cross of Monte Cassino

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