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Justyn was born in Poland on October 20, 1917. He grew up on a farm and worked very hard as a young man.

He served in the Polish Army from 1930 and then fought in the September 1939 Campaign in Poland. He was taken prisoner by the Germans and sent to a POW camp in Germany where he remained until liberation in 1945.

When the war was over, he worked on farms in Germany, and this is where he met Maria. They returned to Poland and were married in 1946. They both worked on farms until they moved to Canada in 1960.

Justyn worked for the City of Winnipeg on street construction until 1980. Upon his retirement he liked to take bike rides with Maria and work in their garden.

Justyn passed away in Winnipeg on 24 November 2005, at the age of 88 years. He was buried at the Holy Ghost Cemetery in Winnipeg.


Copyright: Jurkiewicz family

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