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Julian  Rybarczyk

Polish 2nd Corps

01 Pre War family photo

Jozefa Antoni with Marysia Bronek Julian Kazia

02 Family photo

Pre-war family photo

03 Reverse of previous photo

Reverse of previous photo

04 Julian's parents

Jozefa and Antoni before the war

05 School ID

Julian's school ID from 1937

06 Class photo

Julian's secondary school class

07 Volleyball team

Julian and his volleyball team in the Middle East

08 Battalion football team

Battalion football team (Julian on the left) in the Middle East

09 In Palestine

09 Kasia and Marysia with Julianin Palestine

10 In Middle East

10 Kazia Julian and Marysia in the Middle East

11 Tel Aviv

Kazia Julian and Marysia visit Tel Aviv

12 In the Middle East

Kazia in the Women's Auxiliary of the Polish Second Corps

13 In Palestine

Jullian in Palestine, attending Officers Cadet course

14 Course completion certificate

Officers Cadet course completed at Army College in Palestine

15 driving licience

Julia's Army driving licience

16 Zbyszek

Zbyszek Rybarczyk as a cadet

17 Ifunda, Africa

Julian's parents, Jozefa and Antoni, in Ifunda, Africa

18 Military Hospital

Military hospital after surgery

19 Certificate

Monte Cassino battle certificate that accompanies the Monte Cassino Cross

20 Julian

Julian in uniform - location unknown

21 Alien Registration

Julian had to go to the Police station, in Scotland, every 2 weeks to register.

22 Julian and Bronek

Julian and Bronek, shortly after the war in Glasgow

23 Betty

Betty Ferguson, soon to be Mrs. Rybarczyk

24 Bronek and Julian

Bronek took Julian on his ship while still in Polish Navy after the war

25 Bronek

Julian's brother Bronek

26 Julian at Monte Cassino

Julian at Monte Cassino in 1993. In the background is the Polish cemetery which contains graves of more than one thousand Poles who died while storming the monastery in May 1944.

28 Betty and Julian

Betty and Julian on holiday in Scotland in 2008

27 Julian and son George

Julian with son George at the Monastery of Monte Cassino - the pillar is full of shrapnel

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