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1st Polish Armoured Division



Fighting in the September Campaign (1939) against the German and Soviet invaders, Jozef Klimczak escaped Poland and rejoined the Polish Army reforming in France.


Following the fall of France in the summer of 1940, Jozef managed to evacuate to Great Britain where he eventually began to train with the Polish 1st Armoured Division, reaching the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and commanding an anti-tank platoon.


The Division served in Normandy within the operational command of 1st Canadian Army (General Crerar), effective August 1, 1944 until May 8, 1945.  At various times during the European Campaign, Jozef served alongside troops of the 2nd Canadian Corps (Lt. Gen. Simonds) or the 1st Canadian Corps (Lt. Gen. Crocker).


Jozef was first wounded at Estrees-la-Campagne in France (August 11/44) then for a second time at Noord Bosch, Belgium (October 2/44).  Following this second wounding he was flown to the United Kingdom to recover in hospital.


Following his recovery, Jozef attended the London Polytechnic and later, Edinburgh University, following which he began a successful career in his profession.

Copyright: Klimczak family

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