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Jozef was born in Poland in 1918. He fought in the September Campaign in Poland, then was captured by the Russians and sent to a POW camp in Siberia.

On release, he made his way to the southern USSR to reach the Polish army that was being formed there. Jozef joined the Polish 2nd Corps and trained in Persia (Iran), Iraq, Palestine, and Egypt. He sailed to Italy with the Corps and fought in the Italian Campaign, including the battles of Monte Cassino, Bologna, and Ancona.

In 1946 he left Italy for Canada, on a two-year contract to work on a farm. Once the contract was over, he settled in Winnipeg where he and his wife Mary raised a son and a daughter (Tom and Angela). Jozef was employed by Building Products of Canada for 33 years.

He was a longtime member of Elmwood Legion Branch No. 9.

Jozef passed away in Winnipeg on 10 May 2001, at the age of 83 years. His ashes were buried in Teulon, Manitoba.


Copyright: Isanski family

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