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Jozef was born 30 August 1912 in Oleśnica, woj. Warszawskie, Poland. He married Kazimiera Koczur, and had 4 children: Maria, Alicja, Ireneusz, Krystyna.

He participated in the September Campaign in Poland and was captured by the Germans as a a Prisoner of War. He then served in the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Brigade of the Polish 2nd Corps. He was a Rifleman attached to the supply depot. His service # was 1912/307 and he fought in the Italian Campaign.He returned to Poland after the war, and died 14 June 1996 in Sosnowiec, woj. śląskie, Poland.

Pre-WW2 photo

Polish army in Poland

Polish prisoners of war in Germany

Jozef in the Polish 2nd Corps in Italy

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