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Jadwiga (nee Dekońska) Jaworska - Sawicz
(1924 - 2014)

Polish 2nd Corps Women's Auxiliary 

Jadwiga was deported to Siberia with her mother in 1940.  Her father, Sergiusz Dekoński (b 1894), was serving in the Polish Army at the onset of the war and ended up a prisoner of the Russians. When 'amnesty' was declared, he managed to locate his wife and daughter and assured their evacuation from the USSR with Anders' Army. 


Her brother, Aleksander Dekoński, (b 1919) served in the Polish Navy at the onset of the war.  His ship was sunk and he ended up a Prisoner of War of the Germans.


Her mother,  Lidia (nee Brzezinska) Dekońska (b 1901), joined the Women's Auxiliary and became a Commandant.  Her father was part of the 3rd Ulan Regiment (Pulk Pancerne), as was her first husband Zbigniew Jaworski.  Zbigniew had been a 'podchorazy' in the Polish Army before the war, and also ended up in the USSR, where he enlisted in Anders' Army on 'amnesty'.  He became a Lieutenant in the 2nd Corps.  Janina, her parents, and her husband all spent time in the Middle East (Persia, Iran, Palestine) before Janina and Zbigniew went on to Italy, while her parents spent some years in Egypt.

Jadwiga finished High School in Palestine, and then worked as part of a team that provided entertainment within the 2nd Corps (putting on shows, plays, folk dances, movies, etc. for the troops.

When the war ended, she and her husband went to the UK with the army - they stayed at a camp near Horsham for a while, and later moved to London, where Zbigniew finished his engineering degree, and their daughter was born.  Tjey emiograted to Canada in 1957, living in Montreal for over 35 years, before moving to Toronto.

Zbigniew died in Montreal in 1970 and is buried in the Pointe Claire military cemetery.  Jadwiga later married Tadeusz Sawicz, whom she had known since their time in the UK - both were widowed at this point..  Tadeusz was a Polish Air Force Ace, and was given a state funeral in Warsaw when he died in 2011.  Janina died in 2015.


Her mother Lidia
Her father Sergiusz
Jadwiga weds Zbigniew Jaworski 

Nowy Dziennik newspaper clippings about the Polish 2nd Corps Women's Auxiliary

Tadeusz Sawicz

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