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JACKOWSKI Zbigniew and Stanislaw Jr.

Polish 2nd Corps  and Polish Cadets

Father Stanislaw Sr. and Mother Kazimiera

12 year old Zbigniew's School ID

Kostousowo Station sawmill in Siberia, where the family were forcibly deported

Zbigniew & colleagues in Iraq, Oct 1942

Officer Cadet Corporal Zbigniew in Palestine, age 17, Sept 1943

Zbigniew & colleagues in Palestine at the Officer Cadet Artillery school

6th  Battery, 5th Light Artillery Regiment in Egypt - Zbigniew on a horse in the back

Stanislaw Jr.

Stanislaw Jr. and collegue

Stanislaw Jr.

On board HMS Dilwara sailing to Toranto, Italy  - 17 Feb 1944

 6th  Battery, 5th Light Artillery Regiment - Almafi Coast July 1946

2nd Lieutenant, age 19,

April 1945

 6th  Battery, 5th Light Artillery Regiment - in San Marino


Book published by Zbigniew on BLURB

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