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Irena (Chojnacka) KUS

Irena was 11 years old when she was deported to Siberia with her parents, Franciszek and Janina (nee Juszczewska), and three brothers: Mieczyslaw, Edward, and Julian.. 

Franciszek joined the Polish 2nd Corps and fought in the Italian Campaign.

Mieczyslaw joined the Polish Air Force in the UK and served in 304 Squadron.. 

Edward went to Officer Cadet School in the Middle East, then joined the Polish 1st Armoured Division and served in the European Campaign, 

Her future husband, Tadeusz Kus was an Air Force cadet in the Middle East and in the UK.  


Irena, Julian, and their mother spent 6 years in  Masindi, Uganda, East Africa, before joining the rest of the family in the UKThe family later emigrated to Canada.


Julek and father before WW2
Edward Mama Mietek in 1927
Irena with rooster
Teresa Wroblewska
Jankowski family 1938
Kotlarz family 1935
Mietek 1937
 Parents wedding 17 Jan 1924
Family & friends on the settlement in eastern Poland
Grandparents with Aniela Kijowska, and Julian Juszczewski.
Pre-wedding photo of Dad
Pre-wedding photo of Mom
At the settlement in 1933
Great-grandparents Kijowski (zd Maucuzynska)
Babcia Juszczewska
Jadzia Wroblewska &Julek
Going from Pahlevi to Teheran
Early class on the sidewalk in Teheran
Photos in Masindi, Uganda

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