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Franciszek Herzog Photos


Paternal Grandparents, Franciszek and Helena (Jedrzejowska) Herzog

Maternal Grandparents Waclaw and Ludwika

(Bolcewicz) Pac-Pomarnacki c1930

Father and his brothers Stefan and Jozek

Father in 1923

Mother in 1923

Tadek, Mother and I, before the war

Our house in Lubaczow

Maternal Grandparents house in Wilno

Hospital at Balachadi Camp in India during a malaria outbreak, Franciszek is sitting, first on the right.

The oldest class at Balachadi in 1943, Tadek is marked with an X

Tadek and Peggy

Wacek and Lena

Franciszek and Kamila

Copyright: Herzog family

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