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Helena and Adam CHOROSZY

Polish 2nd Corps Women's Auxiliary
and Polish 2nd Corps

Helena was deported to Siberia with her parents and 6 siblings.  Her father and two sisters died there.  When 'amnesty' was declared, Helena joined the Polish 2nd Corps Women's Auxiliary and was assigned to the 317 Transport Company in the rank of Corporal. 


Her husband, Adam,  had fought in the September Campaign and was arrested by the Russians when he tried to make it to Rumania.  He was in a prison in Moscow until the 'amnesty' set him free.  Adam also served in the 2nd Corps as a Corporal.

Helena (Kawa) Choroszy
Adam Choroszy
Helena on guard duty in Iraq
Helena on the right in the back
Soccer at school in Palestine
Taking the oath
Driving Course
Helena in Egypt
Military training course
The wedding
After graduation
Helena and Bronia in front
Junaks marching in Egypt
Helena in Kirkurk 25 V 1943
Palestine 1942
Adam and Helena in Palestine
Helena on the far right
Helena 4th from right, in back, 1942
First Army training course
Adam with his students
With Adam
Adam and his colleagues
Helena, Adam & Ziutka
Bronia Łączna and Helena
Breakdown in Italy
Helena in 1942
Attending mass
Helena, Ziutka, & Adam
Helena with friends from Poland, near Taranto
Adam in Italy
Monte Cassino + Adam & colleagues with the cross
Adam, Mother, and Helena in Canada
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