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Women's Auxiliary of the Polish 2nd Corps

Halina's father Antoni Janusiewicz
Halina's parents Antoni and Anna (nee Baranowska) 
Back of the house
The house at #2 Poplawska in Wilno with the care-taker and Father in front
View from Halina's window
Halina in the back garden
Released Poles in Russia
Released Poles in Russia
Makeshift boots
60 degree heat in southern USSR
Column of trucks heading for Persia, March 1942
HQ Barracks
Mass at Jalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan, 1942
May 3rd 1942 parade at Yangi-Yul near Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Over mountains from Russia into Persia, 6-11-1942
Training in Russia
Training in Iraq
Show in Iraq
Halina, Father Kucharski and her brother Tolek
Halina learns to shoot
General Anders visits the 'PESTKI'
Genera; Paszkiewicz sharing his egg, Easter 1941
Medal ceremony 1942
General Kopanski, Iran,Dec 1942
2nd High group in Dunalastair, Scotland
School group in Dunalastair, Scotland
Por. Konalewski, Gen. Paszkiewicz, Kpt. Lebecki in Scotland, 4 IV 1947 
Halina in her nursing uniform
Halina in Hospital #1 in Scotland
Halina's brothers, Antoni and Jan, were killed exactly 4 months apart, during the Italian Campaign.
They were eventually buried next to each other at Loretto.
A poem Halina's father wrote about his sons
Wilno map drawn by Halina's uncle
Halina's Exhibit about the Women in the Polish Armed Forces during WW2
With Prime Minister Harper
President Kaczarowski
Exhibit opening in 2002
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