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Halina (Polewska) BENDER

In October 1939, the Soviets made the family vacate their property on the Osada. They moved much of the household possessions to the maternal grandparents and moved in with theor neighbour Mr. Magnoszewski (who was not a settler).  On February 10, 1940, the family were deported from the Hallerowka Settlement to the Sorokanda posiołek in the Kotlas region of the Archangielsk oblast.  After 'amnesty' they moved to a collective farm in Gulistan, Uzbekistan.


On release, the family travelled south, where Franciszek joined the Polish 2nd Corps. Franciszek fought in the North African Campaign and the Italian Campaign.  His 4year old daughter Wanda died on the journey south.  His wife Janina and children Halina, Bogusław (Tadzio), Ludmiła, and Witold lived at the Tengeru Camp in Tanganyka, East Africa until 1948.  The family were then reunited in the UK and eventually emigrated to Canada.

Opening of the 'Dom Ludowy' on Hallerowka
Wedding in Hallerowka Military Settlement
Franciszek in pre-WW2 uniform
Franciszek on the right, in 2nd Corps uniform
Janina (Baginska) Polewska
Francishek's Military Service Record
Family get-together
Halina's wedding
Halina (Polewska) Bender in 2010

Halina's medal certificate for the Gold Cross of Merit

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