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Halina (Myszak) BABINSKA

Halina was deported to Siberia with her family.  Her parents died there.  Halina eventually settled in Canada, where she supported her sister, in the absnce of their parents.
Weronika Pasztnska & Stanislaw Myszak wedding, 
Halina's mother
Mother & Stanislaw
Ryszard, Father, Danuta, Halina (scowling) & Mother holding Stanislaw
Halina's parents in pre-war Poland
Mother with her brother;'s wife in pre-war Poland
Halina's sister Danuta
Ryszard, Stanislaw, Halina, and Danuta in the 1960s
Father-in-law Ambassador Babinski in Belgrade
Father-in-law Ambassador Babinski in Belgrade
Ambassador Babinski (last RP2 Polish Ambassador to Canada) greeting PM King
Halina at the Polish Embassy in Ottawa, opening the exhibit of her father-in-law's artefacts
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