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Medals and WW2 uniform of
General Michal Tokarszewski-Karaszewicz 

The the medals and WW2 battle-dress of General Michal Tokarzewski-Karaszewicz 
were presented at the Polish Combatants Association museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The representatives of the Polish organizations and Government received the donation on behalf of Poland.  The collection is now in Poland's Military Museum in Warsaw. 


Left to Right: : President, Polish Combatants Association Branch #20, Toronto, Pilot Major Marceli Ostrowski; Donor Mr. Sam Billich. Donor Mr. Lionel Goffart; Vice-Consul, Polish Consulate, Toronto, Mr. Maciej Falkowski; President, Polish 1st Armoured Division, Canada, Mr. Adam Kreutzer. 


Some of the ways the General is honoured in Poland


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