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Frederik JASKIW

Frederik Jaskiw was born to Anton and Warwara on 2 October 1928 in the village of Zyriwskie in the Lwow province of what was Poland at the time. He attended school in his native village until the war broke out.


In 1944, he was forcibly conscripted into the Soviet army and made to serve on the Second Ukrainian front.He was then taken prisoner by the German army near the city of Sanok.


In 1945, the Americans took him to a displaced persons camp in Berchtesgaden.


In 1948, he left for England to work in the mines, and later worked for four years in a textile factory.

In 1952, Frederik paid his way to Canada and ended up in Toronto. In 1955, he headed west. First staying at his aunt's place in Winnipeg and then making his home in Pansy, Manitoba. In winter he hauled boards from the sawmill to Winnipeg and in summer he worked on road construction. It was in Pansy that he met Marion Golowaychuk and enjoyed married life with her from 1955 to 1981 when Marion passed away.

He was an active member of the Ukrainian National Home of Pansy and a faithful parishioner of the Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul. Although he was a proud and patriotic Canadian, he remained forever true to his native country with numerous trips to Ukraine to visit his family.

Frederik passed away in Steinbach, Manitoba on 10 December 2013 at the age of 85 years. He was buried at the St. Peter and Paul's Parish cemetery in Pansy, Manitoba.

Copyright: Jaskiw family

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